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Crimes Solve Themselves

Tweet Back in 2008, two weeks after I finished writing Gods Tomorrow, my house was robbed. No one was there (thank goodness), but my wife came home to find the garage door standing open and parts from our XBox left … Continue reading

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You Forget about Your Bank Account

Tweet Today I’d like to introduce what is going to be a long and involved topic here: money. Right after mystery (which I sort of depend on for my storylines), money in the world of Hathor is one of the … Continue reading

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Contracts Are Signed with a Word

Tweet I suspect this is true of all writers, but I crave feedback. When someone tells me they bought one of my books, the first thing I say is “Thanks.” Because, really, thanks. I couldn’t do any of this without … Continue reading

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You Have a Personal Shopper…Everywhere

Tweet I’ve told the story of my inspiration for Gods Tomorrow in the thought of ordering a pizza. That thought experiment became pretty central to the Hathor universe. In fact, that was what inspired the idea for Services. Before that, … Continue reading

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Hathor Knows What You’ve Done

Tweet Shortly after I finished writing Gods Tomorrow I came across a book review at my favorite science and technology site (Ars Technica — you’ll come to know it well). The review featured two new non-fiction books about…well, Hathor Tech. … Continue reading

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