Gods Tomorrow

Gods Tomorrow is a near-future science-fiction thriller by Aaron Pogue. It’s the first book in the Ghost Targets series, and introduces the world of Katie Pratt and Hathor.

Privacy is dead. The world has traded it for Hathor – a surveillance database that offers the public convenience and pleasure, as well as a drastic reduction in crime. Hathor’s all-seeing eye quickly finds those who dare to break the law and hands them over to the authorities, watching them every step of the way.

But there are “ghosts” in the system, rare individuals who walk the world unseen by Hathor. Most people don’t even know they exist, but a talented few are busy tracking them down and serving them justice. These special agents work for the Ghost Targets division of the FBI.

Katie Pratt, brand new to Ghost Targets, is investigating the murder of a young woman when she uncovers the impossible. Hathor’s record of the murder has been blacked out and the killer has gotten away without a trace. The blackout represents a worse threat than one unsolved murder: someone who could blind Hathor like that could destroy the system…and all of modern society with it.

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And look for the sequel, Ghost Targets: Expectation, coming from Consortium Books in February 2011.

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