Blog Posts Still Show up Late

Even in the Hathor future, you’re going to have to wait on content providers to get you the material you’re waiting for.


Well, those are some topics I want to discuss. I’m not going to get to them in detail just yet, though. I’ve been overwhelmed with the publication and promotion of Ghost Targets: Expectation that I’ve gotten behind, and didn’t prepare a proper post for this week. (I missed a week’s worth of writing advice over at Unstressed Syllables, too.)

But while we’re on the topic of content production and consumption, there are some interesting ideas to consider. I’ve got a lot of thoughts about content production, from how attribution and content licensing will work (making it easy for you to, say, include the lyrics from a popular song in a book you’re writing and everyone involved gets their due share of revenues), to how people will pay for entertainment and informational content in general.

That’s going to be a pretty large industry, too, because as we’ll discuss soon, this technology promises us all a 20-hour work week. As free time goes up, demand for recreational content goes up and supply goes up (as we all find a little more free time to develop our own creativity).

There will also be some pretty impressive systems in place to connect consumers to producers. Right now, that’s things like Amazon’s suggestions and star ratings (and Pandora’s radio recommendations), and that technology is only going to get better as it gets access to more and more sample data.

So, sure, blog posts will still show up late from time to time, but I don’t think you’ll have any trouble finding other interesting fare to keep you busy. And, y’know, maybe all that extra free time on the bloggers’ hands will help them stick to their schedules.

I wouldn’t count on it, but you can always dream.

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